Increase your revenue through a growth end-to-end method​


Our end-to-end approach has enabled us to build a successful track record and work with more than 100 projects globally.

About us

Global consulting firm that specializes in helping companies increase their revenue through growth end-to-end process.

We’re a team of seniors specialists with more than 10 years of experience in Growth Marketing, Sales Operations and Data AnalyticsWe use the lean startup principle of conducting experiments, analyzing data, and scaling successful tactics.

Our methodology consists in understanding the customer journey, analyzing the frictions faced by customers and seeking opportunities to improve the experience and growth metrics. Our end-to-end approach has enabled us to build a successful track record and work with more than 100 projects globally.

We work closely with the Founder and C-Levels to create and execute the growth plan and establish a long-term partnership.

To achieve our purpose, we take on a limited number of projects per quarter.

What we do

Simplificamos e otimizamos o processo de geração de receita de negócios B2B.


Product-Market Fit​

Direcionamos a estratégia de marketing e vendas com pesquisa de mercado, análise da concorrentes e diagnóstico de produto e serviço.



Potencializamos a aquisição de clientes com a estruturação de processos, implementação de dados e tecnologia e geração demanda via Inbound e Outbound.



Otimizamos o processo de relacionamento através da segmentação de clientes, implementação de dados e tecnologia e geração de demanda via CRM.

How we work

We work with tailor-made solutions using our growth end-to-end method following these steps below.

Negócios B2B

1. Storming

We help Founders & C-levels quickly understand how we will analyze and develop a Growth Strategy and provide a competitive business advantage.

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2. Foundation

We develop high-level Growth Strategies that scale. We do that through data analyzes, market research, technologies and a true agile methods.

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3. Growth

We provide tailor-made growth squads to ambitious companies to use one-time or recurring services from our team.


Ricardo Tenorio

Head of Marketing @Yuca

“The consulting-client barrier was broken early and we soon began to see them as part of our team. In my view, this is due to the high level of commitment and seriousness of the team, technical capacity and business model.”

Alessandra Carrasco

Head of Data Governance @Roche

“Perfect connection between customer centricity, data-driven and team routine. Master’s perception and didactics.”

Gabriela Procopio

Marketing director @Planik

“DDM’s commitment was fundamental to align our internal processes and improve our sales performance.”

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